Max output power of Level 1 Mobile Connector (At Home)

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Max output power of Level 1 Mobile Connector (At Home)

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Link to Gen 2 version: ... tor-bundle
Max power output of 1.3kW
Charging speeds between 2-3 miles of range per hour

So that's a max draw of 1300 Watts the slow charger will use. A 15 Amp breaker (most household plugs) can push 1800 watts max to give you an idea.

The Gen 2 Mobile Connector allows you to plug into any standard 110v household outlet to begin charging.

This product comes standard with purchase of any Tesla vehicle.

Compatible with Model S, Model 3, Model X and Model Y.


1x Mobile Connector Main Unit (with 20’ cable)

1x NEMA 5-15 adapter

1x storage bag
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