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(DI_a201) Regenerative braking temporarily reduced Will improve as vehicle is driven

Common or not so common error messages received on Tesla vehicles and devices. If you receive an error, please post a picture and the error message in this forum.
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(DI_a201) Regenerative braking temporarily reduced Will improve as vehicle is driven

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Regenerative braking performance has been temporarily reduced to below 65% of its full capacity. The exact reduction is indicated by the dashed lines on the power meter:

While this alert is present, the deceleration rate of the vehicle due to regenerative braking will be reduced and more brake pedal application will be required to slow the vehicle (similar to what is needed in a gas-powered, non-electric, vehicle).

This alert is expected under the following conditions:

• Battery is near full charge:

◦ Regenerative braking is reduced when the battery is at 95% charge or higher.

• Battery is cold:

◦ The battery may not be warm enough for full regenerative braking performance (possibly at the beginning of a drive).

◦ In extremely cold climates, this alert may remain present indefinitely and regenerative braking may remain reduced, as driving the vehicle may not warm the battery enough to fully restore performance.

Typically, driving will clear this alert because it will reduce the battery charge level below 95% and sufficiently warm the battery. This is a completely normal part of vehicle operation and should not cause alarm. The notice on the screen is for your information only.
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