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(VCSEC_a228) Air pressure in tires very low PULL OVER SAFELY - Check for flat tire

Common or not so common error messages received on Tesla vehicles and devices. If you receive an error, please post a picture and the error message in this forum.
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(VCSEC_a228) Air pressure in tires very low PULL OVER SAFELY - Check for flat tire

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This alert indicates that one or more of the tires on your vehicle is extremely low or flat. The tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) has detected that the air pressure in one or more of your tires is significantly lower than the recommended cold pressure (RCP). This recommended pressure is displayed on the Tire and Loading information label.

You should pull over carefully as soon as possible. In a safe location, check for a flat tire. You can request Tesla roadside assistance options (mobile tire, loaner wheel, tow) if required. See Contacting Tesla Roadside Assistance on page 195 for more information. In a non-emergency situation, it is recommended that you visit your local Service Center for assistance. The alert will clear once the TPMS has a consistent tire pressure measurement for each of your tires of at least 30 psi.
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