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(THC_u0005) Air conditioning temporarily reduced Vehicle systems being cooled

Common or not so common error messages received on Tesla vehicles and devices. If you receive an error, please post a picture and the error message in this forum.
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(THC_u0005) Air conditioning temporarily reduced Vehicle systems being cooled

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Cabin air conditioning performance has been temporarily reduced because your vehicle needs to focus on cooling the high voltage battery (Battery) and/or powertrain. This is completely normal and does not indicate a problem with your vehicle or the air conditioning (A/C) system.

In addition to cooling the vehicle interior, the A/C system also cools the Battery. The A/C system’s priority is to cool the Battery to make sure it stays within an optimal temperature range that supports longevity and best performance.

In high temperature environments, it is normal for your vehicle to focus more for brief periods on cooling the Battery. When this happens, it is most often because the vehicle is supercharging in hot weather.

No action is required. Your vehicle is OK to drive.

The alert should clear in a short time, and cabin air conditioning performance should return to normal. In some cases, the alert and vehicle behavior will continue until supercharging is complete.

If the alert persists over multiple drives and is accompanied by other alerts that indicate potential issues with the A/C system, contact Tesla Service at your convenience to schedule an A/C system inspection.
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