(CHG_u001) Charge rate reduced Check for an extension cord or bad utility wiring

Common or not so common error messages received on Tesla vehicles and devices. If you receive an error, please post a picture and the error message in this forum.
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(CHG_u001) Charge rate reduced Check for an extension cord or bad utility wiring

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Charging speed has been reduced because the onboard charger in your vehicle has detected a large voltage drop during charging.
Likely causes of this issue include:

• Problems with the building wiring and/or the wall outlet.

• An extension cord or other wiring that cannot support the requested charge current.

This issue can also result from turning on electric devices that draw a lot of power from the same branch circuit while the vehicle is charging.
If this issue has occurred multiple times at your normal charging location, contact an electrician to inspect the electrical installation. They should check the following:

• Any installed charging equipment and its connection to the building wiring.

• The building wiring, including any wall outlet used with a Mobile Connector.

• The electrical connection to the power utility line where it enters the building.

Discuss with the electrician whether the charge current on the vehicle should be lowered, or if the installation should be upgraded to support a higher charge current.

As this alert is usually specific to external charging equipment and power sources, and it does not typically indicate an issue with your vehicle that can be resolved by scheduling service, it is recommended that you:

• Try charging with multiple, different types of charging equipment at different locations.

• Contact an electrician to inspect the wiring and equipment at your normal charging location.
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